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Connecting your Salesforce with the Digital Customer Journey: Automation Monkey seamlessly integrates your Inbound Pipeline with Sales to better engage and convert users into loyal clients

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CRM Features

Taking your relationships onto the next level

Access Management

Access Management

Automation Monkey is commonly used by multiple stakeholders such as Marketers, Sales personnel and backoffice staff. However, not all team members require and should have access to all areas of the software.

That's why key users can manage the account access and allocate different user roles.

This can be particularly practical when it comes to the Marketing Analytics: Different management levels get different dashboards to controll and optimize their area of responsibility.

Lead Management

Lead Management

A solid data set sets the foundation for smart Automations. Automation Monkeys' integrated lead management system allows you to import, segment and update leads in a few clicks. We have paid particular attention to usability and flexibility when it comes to the lead management module.

With batch actions you can manage your contacts, add attributes and update segments in a serialized manner.

An integrated duplicate checker recognizes double entries and allows you to merge or filter them out without loosing critical data sets.

Dynamic Segments

Dynamic Segments

A sophisticated segmentation algorithm dynamically allocates cohort groups based on their behavioral patterns. Contact profiles can be enriched by means of tags or scores which can in turn, be used to trigger Automation Journeys.

Those behavioral insihgts can be used equally by your Salesforce and your Marketing department to release the right actions or campaigns.

Obviously your Automation account can be coupled with your existing databases and CRM software via REST API. Thus you can use all your customer insights to improve your Marketing communications


API & Integrations

Automation Monkeys' ecosystem currently contains more than 20 standard integrations. Our marketplace is regularly updated with new tools and future to make your Marketing Automation even more intelligent.

Our software provides standard connectors to: Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and Pipedrive.

Can I also connect other software systems? Yes, indeed with the open REST-API of Automation Monkey you can literally connect every software tool that provides a Programming Application Interface as well.

Our developers will be glad helping you integrate other software tools. Please contact us if you would like us to clarify the feasiblity for you!

Sales Automations

Sales Automations

You would like to focus your salesforce more on building strong bonds with your target groups and less for making cold calls and wasting time on acquisition?

Well, we got the solution then: Automation Monkey contains a number of standard Sales Automations that help your sales personell focus on value adding tasks and key relationships. Every account standardly comes with Automations for scheduling, event invitations, sales follow up journeys and smart retargetings for dormant clients.

Automation Monkey can also be set, to send sales reminders and provide updates to your sales stuff on the latest customer developments. Moreover, you can feed leads, based on a scoring system, from Marketing to the Sales pipeline, so your Salesforce can proactively enter into a customer interaction.

With smart Sales Automations you'll be keeping the pace high and improve your sales outcomes sustainably. Try it out!

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

Your customers are your biggest assets. Lead scoring helps you identify success-critical customer interactions and to use customer insights to better cater to your target group.s

Our scoring modell is built upon a point system: For every critical user action you can set points. A click on a certain category, an unfinished shop basket or a download of a whitepaper document on your website. The more points the user gets, the more likely he or she is, to convert into the next best action.

This helps your salesforce to focus on the right leads and opportunities, being there right on time with the right product and the necessary insights to shake a deal!

Consent Management

Consent Management

Customer centricity is key to a sucessfull Marketing Automation setup. Thus, we believe users should determine independently what content pieces they receive how often and through which channel. That's why Automation Monkey features not only a GDPR-compliant double opt-in process but also a full-scale Consent Management.

But what exactly does Consent Management incorporate?

Our consent module provides users to select their communicative preferences which is then saved in the according user profile. Depending upon which channels, content preferences and periodicity the user has chosen, the send out is automatically managed across all integrated channels such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, browser notifications, app messaging, etc.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Customer data and your Marketing procedures are the heart piece of your Sales and Marketing operations. Consequently, data privacy plays a crucial role for you and us.

So, we’re sure you would like to know how we are handling your data @ Automation Monkey!?

Our internal data privacy and security policies are extremely strict and always comply with regulatory standards of GDPR and Swiss data regulations. We have implemented several preventive measures to make sure your data stays safe.

Among others you account is clearly uncoupled from any other customer account and is being hosted in one of the safest cloud environments globally. Automation Monkey and your data is hosted in the Google Cloud in Zurich, Switzerland. Should you ever decide to terminate your license contract, all your data will be completely deleted.

In addition, every account features a SPAM prevention algorithm to ensure smooth send-outs and great customer satisfaction levels.

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