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Connect your favourite tools and leverage your Automations by seamlessly integrating Automation Monkey with your tool landscape

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Your tailor-made
Automation Suite



If you already have a CRM or ERP database, we strongly recommend connecting your tools to Automation Monkey. For this reason, Automation Monkey offers an open REST-API which allows you to connect any 3rd party software. But what's the added value of integrating your existing tools? Well, by connecting your current tool landscape to our software, you can make use of your current customer data for better personalization of content, CTAs, or complete Automation Journeys.

You're not sure if you can connect your current tools at all? Please contact us for further details: We will be glad to check if your existing tools can be connected to Automation Monkey and we will be glad to provide our full API-documentation (



More than 20 different Standard Integrations & Plug-ins are available which can be connected and set up in just a few minutes. From your WordPress website to your existing Mail Chimp account, we'll help you move from email marketing to Omni-Channel Marketing Automation.

Have you not found your software solutions in our marketplace? Please contact our product team on to check, if we could add your software to our marketplace. We're continuously expanding our standard integrations to better cater for the needs of partners.

Automation Monkey provides a unique flexibility when it comes to integrating your On- and Offline Channels in one software suite. From callcenter to print suppliers and 3rd party software tools, we've literally made every customer wish possible.



Would you like to run custom integrations or further develop and optimize existing touchpoints based upon their conversion?

Automation Monkey is the most modular and flexible suite for custom Automations. There are hardly any limits when it comes to customization and smart on-offline journeys.

This Automation Suite offers you 100% flexibility: Our experts will guide you through conception and help you turn your ideas into fully functional, state-of-the-art Automation Journeys.

From tracking to integrating payment solutions and other useful gadgets, our dev team will make it possible.



Your website is one of the most important touchpoints within your Marketing Funnel. It's the place where different activities, channels and campaigns are united. As a result, double-opt-in, dynamic content or smart forms of Automation Monkey can be integrated in the source code of literally any 3rd party website.

Many of the most commonplace web frameworks and tools can also be found in our marketplace. We offer several connectors and plug-ins to website builders, E-Commerce platforms and the most commonplace web frameworks such as WordPress, TYP03 or Django. Those can be connected in just a few clicks and the Automation Monkey tracking pixel can be easily incorporated in your website code.

On top of that, Automation Monkey offers an integrated landingpage builder which lets you build complete websites. This is particularly nice for Beginners who want to seamlessly build and integrate all touchpoints with one tool.


Automation Workshop

You are not yet sure if Marketing Automation is the right thing for you? Or you lack the experience in setting up custom Automations and would need guidance in developing your Marketing Automation Strategy?

Our modular Automation Workshop can be tailored to your needs. We'll help you to develop your strategy, design customer lifecycle maps or draft your future system architecture to align tool integration and data usage cleverly.

But what's the output of a mutual workshop? You can choose between a complete photo documentation to a full-scale Automation concept output. For further details, please book your Online counselling call or request more details on

Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

Marketing Automation is more than just a tool implementation. Really smart Automation integrates all touchponts, provides an amazing User Experience and drives Conversions.

Just a few examples... You lack the necessary subscriber base to run larger-scale Automations? Or you would like to enrich your customer profiles intelligently to make use of that data? With Marketing Solutions, we offer support in many different fields of Digital Marketing. We will also be glad to connect to your Marketing Agency to help with the alignment procedure.

Upon request we'll guide you through conception: From Persona design to data enrichment, setting up journey and integrating your Performance Marketing channels such as Google Ads or DV360.

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Book your 1/2-day Workshop on Marketing Automation with our experts



Standard-Integrations & Plug-ins

Gatsby JS Gatsby JS JavaScript Framework
WooCommerce WooCommerce E-Commerce
Neos Neos Flow Composer
Type03 Type03 CMS
Wordpress Wordpress CMS
Ninja Forms Ninja Forms Form Builder
You Can Book Me You Can Book Me Scheduling
OptinMonster OptinMonster Lead Gen Software
PHP PHP Server-Side Language
ERPNext ERPNext ERP Software
Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails Web App Framework
Docker Docker Containerization
Elgg Elgg Networking Software


What you should know about
Automation Monkey

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for a free 14-day demo version by clicking on the "TEST NOW" button on our website or you can send us an email to: Your account will be automatically created, and you can request a free, 45-minute counselling call.

Where is my data stored?

Automation Monkey uses Swiss Servers in the Google Cloud, Zurich. Your account and all your data are hosted on a highly-performant Kubernetes infrastructure that ensures fast load speeds at any time.

Our free trial licenses are hosted at Exoscale, Bulgaria. These European servers also meet the requirements of GDPR. When upgrading to a full license, your account will be transferred to Google Cloud, Zurich.

Is the software GDPR compliant?

As a Swiss company, we have placed particular attention on ensuring, that our software can also be legally used within the European Union. Automation Monkey is fully compliant with GDPR and Swiss data privacy regulations. Our experts will be glad to provide counselling regarding data privacy and consent management.

Can I integrate Automation Monkey on my website?

Yes, the Automation Monkey tracking pixel can be easily integrated in the source code of your website or in your Google Tag Manager. The easy to integrate and GDPR compliant double opt-in feature is, moreover, part of every Automation Monkey package.

How long does the implementation take?

Our demo version can be booked online and will be started up for you fully automatically. Also, the upgrade to a full license will be done for you automatically. Typical Marketing Automation projects then take between 2 to 3 weeks for smaller ventures and 8 - 12 weeks for larger projects.

How long is my contract?

The license agreement has no fixed term and can be terminated in writing at any time and with a notice period of 3 months. After expiration of the notice period, your data will be irrevocably deleted. We ask you to please contact us via email or by phone for further details regarding the process.

Do you offer a customer care team?

Indeed, all users receive support and counselling by phone, email, or online calls during our regular business hours (Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MET). Outside these hours, the response and support times depend upon your individual SLA contract. Our support team speaks German, English, French and Italian.

Do you offer service level agreements?

For clients with advanced needs, we offer indeed service level agreements (SLAs). After software implementation we will help you tailor the right package for your needs. Your project manager will advise you on the SLA options before project completion. All SLAs have a standard term of 1 year and will be automatically extended if not terminated.

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