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Automate your complete Customer Journey from A - Z - Automation trees, triggers, lead nurturing journeys and many more...

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Automation Features


Workflow Automation

The Automation Monkey campaign builder makes it easy to develop your own automations and decision trees with triggers and scores.

You can develop process automations flexibly and intelligently using the integrated drag & drop editor. The built-in if-else logic makes the overall usability simple and comprehensible. 


For testing purposes, you can also copy entire workflows and test them with fictitious timelines. Our experts will be glad to support you in setting up your 1st automations.


Trigger-Based Automation

Trigger-Based Automation is a feature that lets you create rules for when a user should receive a message, promo code, or a gift. 

Thanks to the multi-channel marketing approach, you will send these automations out, across different communicative channels such as: Facebook, postcards, by email or SMS.

Let your imagination be the limit.

Tracking Pixel

Tracking Pixel

Automation Monkey offers a tracking pixel that records the digital footprint of cohorts. You can flexibly integrate our tracking pixel in the source code of your website, in email templates or other digital touchpoints.

It can be integrated on all modern websites and will track the digital footprint of your users once they have completed the double opt-in procedure. The tracking pixel plays a key role in personalizing and tailoring your Automations to different audiences.

From concept to programming and optimization, we help you set up intelligent attribution models. For this purpose, we also integrate existing Google tools (Google Grants, Ads, Analytics, Datastudio), develop "custom dashboards" and help you gain more digital insight.

Lead Scoring
& Nurturing

Lead Scoring & Nurturing

Good communication, great stories and beautiful visuals are important in Digital Marketing too, but.... whether you really hit the nail on the head depends on whether you provide users with the right content and the right call to action at the right time.

Lead scoring and nurturing helps you do just that. Using an easy-to-understand scoring system, you score leads based on their engagement and target the right messages with pinpoint accuracy. Typically, we support you in the development of a "next-best-action" concept, in which appropriate journeys and messages are developed for each marketing funnel stage.

The lead score can be built up dynamically so that success and conversion-relevant interactions are recognized and weighted higher. This feature makes your Salesforce more efficient and effective. Unsuccessful cold calls and telemarketing campaigns are a thing of the past. 

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Personalization is one of the megatrends in Marketing. But what exactly has dynamic content to do with it?

Well, not all target groups have the same needs: Some have just visited you for the first time, others have been buying from you for years. Still others may be in the process of looking at other offers....

Dynamic Content helps you address this diversity. You play out cohort-based, personalized content in emails, SMS, on landing pages or pop-ups. From customized salutations to differentiated CTAs to the complete "customization" of web content.


Intelligent tracking lets you know at any time where the user is in the Marketing Funnel. With dynamic content, you will take things to the next level in line with the needs of your target groups.


Email Automation

Email marketing remains an important tool in the Marketing of many companies. Used and dosed correctly, it is a powerful tool that can also be intelligently combined with other mobile instruments such as SMS or WhatsApp messaging.

To simplify the setup procedure, we have already pre-built many Automation journeys. Moreover, we guarantee an excellent user experience with good usability, fast loading times and reliable email delivery times. Automation Monkey is used by companies that send out millions of emails per month.

An integrated spam protection ensures that your emails are delivered into the inboxes of your clients. In addition, we can provide support for segmentation, email verification and uploading your contacts.

Our email builder is another highlight: it allows you to develop, test and optimize templates in the shortest possible time and with outstanding usability.
Test it out!

API Interface

API Interface

Are you considering the integration of Automation Monkey in your current software landscape? 

Indeed, a smart decision: Because automations are only as intelligent as the data that drives them!

An integration of the E-Commerce, CRM or ERP systems can be done easily thanks to a multitude of connectors and the open REST-API. Our dev team will be glad to make sure, your software is professionally integrated.


Thanks to detailed documentation and a professional customer care team in Switzerland, the integration is carried out smoothly and according to your specific needs.

Live Chat

Live Chat

Various live chat and chatbot options are available at Automation Monkey. We will also be glad to integrate any other platform you may already use.


Thanks to Automation Monkeys' REST-API, literally any 3rd-party platform can be integrated and automated. Integrate our live chat and bot options now on your website!

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Standard Automations

Automation Monkeys' campaign module offers a broad spectrum of Standard Automations to get you started fast and more easily!


Newsletter welcome journey

The newsletter automation ensures a DSGVO-compliant lead generation as well as a professional onboarding after the registration.


In addition, message modules for onboarding can be added as desired. Modular and standardized elements help you with the professional integration of your new data policy.

Optionally, we support the introduction of a comprehensive consent management. With this option, you can allow users to choose their preferences when it comes to content, channels, etc. Consent helps reducing Unsubscribes and driving performance of Automation campaigns sustainably.

Customer Service

Customer Service Follow

Your customer service team has just successfully closed a case and you want to know how satisfied the customer is?

With this standard automation, you can proactively collect customer feedback after important service interactions.

From individual questionnaires to the collection of the Net Promoter Score, you can choose from a large spectrum of different options.

E-Commerce Trigger Automation

E-Commerce Trigger Automation

You want to actively address store visitors who have not completed their shopping cart? Some of your potential buyers, disappear before their purchase is completed.

With trigger-based automation, you can send reactivation messages to your store dropouts at pre-defined intervals. Whether it's a short reminder, special reactivation promotion or product-related content to clarify final questions, find out how to best motivate your audiences to buy.

Thanks to the A/B testing feature, those empiric tests can be run smartly and reliably.

1st Purchase

1st Purchase Promotion

Hurayyy 🎉 A new customer has just made a purchase with you!

Of course, now it's gonna be all about showing gratitude and nurturing the lead into a loyal repeat client.

This standard automation helps you doing exactly this. It helps you nurture first-time buyers into repeat purchases via vouchers, special content or other activation elements.

Sales Drip

Sales Drip journey

Would you like to offer your sales force more communicative support so they can close more deals? Many sales departments have a tremendous potential to grow, provided they can focus their activities...

With the Sales Drip Journey, you can release appropriate automations for each stage of the sales funnel. This way, customers will neither forget the sales manager nor your brand so quickly. 

Leads within the funnel are provided with exciting content, promotions and reminders. This allows your salespeople to focus on their strengths and leaves more time for value-adding activities.

Customer Survey Journey

Customer Survey Journey

Customer experience is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, you should run surveys on a regular basis, to identify potential gaps in your service offering.

This automation journey offers a variety of building blocks for surveying customer satisfaction. The content and results of the surveys can in turn be used to trigger new automations.

In this way, you can react promptly and personally to any potential grievances and prevent churn. The survey journey can be easily linked to telemarketing services, e.g., for churn-prevention journeys.


Birthday Automation

You want to surprise your customers and online audiences with a special birthday gift?

With this standard automation, you can send out greeting cards, special promotional vouchers, or other surprises, fully automated and through via a wide range of channels.

The birthday information comes from your CRM, Automation Monkey's intelligent web forms or any other sources you may have connected.


E-Commerce Automation

Operators of Webshops and E-Commerce platforms, benefit from a wide range of standard automations. These can be individually adapted to the needs of the respective platform and industry.

From onboarding emails to payment reminders via SMS to full automation journeys for selling, reselling and recovery, there are no limits to your imagination. You can also seamlessly integrate social media accounts or Google remarketing to further grow your online sale.

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