More than just dull Email Marketing! Automation Monkey gives you a Mobile Marketing Stack for amazing Customer Experiences through Email. SMS, WhatsApp and App automations.

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Mobile Marketing Features

1 Toolbox for all your
Mobile Marketing Channels

Multi Channel
Campaign Management

Multi Channel Campaign Management

Most Marketing Automation tools these days claim to be Omni Channel platforms. However smart Automation campaigns are built by hard work, custom integrations, and clever segmentation. Not by standard software. So, what you actually need is a highly flexible and customizable platform such as Automation Monkey.

Our platform standardly integrates state-of-the-art Mobile services such as Amazon SES. With our powerful infrastructure, you will benefit from amazing sending quotas and a large number of different channels that can be chosen.

For setting up campaigns you can standardly include Email, WhatsApp, and SMS Marketing services. In addition, we offer In-App and App Push Messaging upon request. Those require specific knowledge, and we will be glad to support you there.

If you want to send simple newsletters, please opt for Mail Chimp. If you aim at 100% flexibility, great service, and smart Automations, you are right here. We get your multi-channel vision done with a highly performant and flexible Automation Suite made in Switzerland!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still one of the most relevant channels these days in Automated Marketing. So yes, Automation Monkey can also be used to send out serialized emails.

But is there any difference to other tools when it comes to Email Marketing?

Automation Monkey indeed features several gadgets that make a big difference. For instance, our template builder which provides an amazing usability, multiple testing features and an optimization mode for even "exotic" inboxes such as Outlook. The powerful infrastructure with Google Kubernetes and Amazon SES ensures, that even large email volumes can be sent safely, reliably and in a few seconds or minutes at worst.

As a tech-company it was particularly important to us to have a solid, performant and safe solution for our clients. Many of those specifics are not known to decisionmakers when they evaluate tools. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more insights.

SMS & WhatsApp

SMS & WhatsApp Marketing

Far more than 50% of users watch content, read emails, or interact on social platforms through mobile devices. As a Marketer it becomes thus increasingly important to master your Mobile communication.

This is one of the specialities of Automation Monkey: Our software allows you to professionally manage mobile messages and interactions across devices (tablet & mobile), platforms (App, Desktop, Mobile) and different services (SMS, Email, WhatsApp).

All SMS are sent from a Swiss service provider and with a Swiss telephone number. For 3rd party markets outside of Switzerland we offer a variety of different services depending upon your needs and budget.

WhatsApp Automations can be quite powerful in building and engaging a loyal community while SMS help with remindering and more personal messages such as event invitations.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Different personas have different needs depending upon their preferences and their stage within the Marketing Funnel. So, how do you go about that?

Dynamic Content is a standard feature of Automation Monkey that allows you to display personalized content on your emails and SMS.

What can dynamic content be used for? Well, you can tailor claims, CTAs or other content elements of your emails and SMS to different segment groups. As a result, Dynamic Content can be considered a powerful lead nurturing measure to trigger users into the next best action.

But how could this be used in practice? Well, if you are a school for instance, you could send emails to prospective students with dates of the next information events close to their location, or you could show an alumni suitable further education to take the next step in their career.



Emails, SMS and other Mobile Channels can be personalized with Automation Monkey. Starting from a personalized salutation to signatures and personalized text elements literally anything is possible.

Personalization ideally builds upon your digital tracking and footprinting. Information about a users’ preferences can be used to tailor content pieces and call-to-actions.

Give your Automated Marketing a personal touch and improve your conversions with our smart personalization features!

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

You have two great ideas for a customer journey Automation but you’re not sure which one performs better? Or you are sending out Newsletter on a weekly basis and would like to tweak template features over time?

A/B testing is a feature of Automation Monkey that helps you test different variants. What performs better: A or B?

A/B testing can be used from single text elements to different CTA colours to complete journeys that you would like to test against each other. You can empirically test and implement the best performing variant on the fly.

Automation Monkey enables you to optimize conversions, session times and clicks on all your mobile templates.


Bounce Management

In Marketing Automation your Sender Reputation is one of the biggest assets and also one of the biggest risk factors.

A (too) large percentage of soft and hard bounces has a direct impact on your sender reputation. If that one deteriorates, all your messages will end up in the SPAM folder of your audience.

Automation Monkeys’ bounce management help you to keep your sender record clean. It selectively and automatically filters soft and hard bounces out.

However, we strongly recommend email verification and importing only double-opt-in contacts when transferring your contacts from your current Email Marketing Software to our platform. Our Automation Experts will be glad to support.

Template Builder

Template Builder

Rookies and developers equally appreciate the great usability and the broad spectrum of features of our template builder. It allows you to develop, test and optimize email templates for literally every service (incl. Outlook), device and browser type.

The integrated CMS allows you to develop email templates in a simple and user-friendly drag & drop mode. However, advanced users can also manage their UI in the code-mode and directly access and tweak the programming code.

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