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Manage your social interactions and your community through Automation Monkey - Fast, professional and customer-centric across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Social Media Features

Automate your
Community Management

Social Monitoring

Social Monitoring

You would like to know, who's currently posting something about your company on Social Media?

Social Monitoring helps you get the latest news on your Social score and the behaviour of your community. You can set alerts and get insights about users mentioning you. As a result, you can react fastly to the needs of your audience and enter a professional customer dialogue.

Social Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Social login is an amazing feature helping you find out, which of your opt-in audiences also follow your social media accounts. This allows you to better target and play out social ads.

Combined with Automation Monkeys' profiling feature, you can personalize, customize and target ads better on Instagram, Facebook or other social platforms based on their preferential profile.

Of course, all reactions and conversions can be traced and used to better allocate your media spend.

Audience Management

Audience Management

Automation Monkey tracks the digital footprint of your opt-in audience across channels. This includes social media too: Once an opt-in user reacts to a post, this information is traced and used for latter Automations.

You can use those insights to better target segment groups and to release additional Automation Journeys via e.g., Email Marketing.


Behavioural Targeting

Have you ever wished to use behavioural data to better target specific audiences? Automation Monkey uses the behavioural insights from Social Monitoring to better target social users on your own touchpoints.

Behavioral targeting makes use of user patterns across Social Media to intelligently retarget and re-engage opt-in audiences via direct channels (e.g. Email Marketing).

Custom Audience

Facebook Custom Audience

Automation Monkey incorporates Facebook custom audiences, lookalike audiences and Facebook pixels.

The Facebook custom audience feature helps you increase reach and the impact of your Marketing campaigns. Get started and improve your social conversions!

Build your community

Manage your community with Automation Monkey across the most relevant social platforms

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