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Project Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding SOS-Children Villages Switzerland

Status Quo

For their 2021 autumn campaign, we were requested by SOS-Children Villages Switzerland, to take the overall Digital Campaign Lead. The goal was to raise awareness on child neglect in their five focus countries.

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Strategy & Concept

Our Digital Concept comprised of an integrated Crowdfunding platform with 2-click to donation function and 5 different projects tackling the campaign subject. Marketing Monkeys worked out concept, UI/UX and handled the project management for software development, integration and Automation.

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After approval of the Adobe XD screen design by the client, our development department started front- and backend programming, integrated a custom payment gateway and connected the digital product via API to the existing CRM & Marketing Automation platform.

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Crowdfunding design 3d

The final product was setup in multi-language mode and connected to the main landing page . All custom software was thoroughly tested, documented and the internal users received an advanced Django CMS training. UTM parameters were standardized and a Google Datastudio was set up to ensure a global campaign attribution.

Crowdfunding Pages

Mobile Priority

The custom UI of this product, from wireframes to screendesign, was worked out in a “Mobile 1st” approach

Mobile Priority


The platform was advertised across a wide variety of different on- and offline measures such as physical mailings, email marketing, programmatic advertising and many more. Therefore, we’ve worked out an overall customer journey map that was then implemented, integrated and properly attributed in Google Datastudio. Google Ads as well as DV360 were part of the overall attribution model.

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Autumn Mailing West Switzerland

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“From the 1st briefing to the final approval with the board of directors, it took only 8 weeks. We're...”


CEO @ SOS Children Villages Switzerland

5.0 / 5.0

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5.0 / 5.0

Role CEO
Organization SOS Children Villages
1st Collaboration May 12, 2020
Testimony Date June 30, 2020

"From the 1st briefing to the final approval with the board of directors, it took only 8 weeks. We're pleased with the innovative outcome and how Marketing Monkeys has been guiding us through the digital conception."

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Full-Stack Django Website

Multi-Language Django CMS

Custom Payment Gateway

API to CRM & Automation Suite

Analytics Dashboard

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