Data Management


Marketing Automation is driven by smart data. That's why Automation Monkey intelligently connects explicit with implicit data to enable smart, personalized Customer Journey Automations.

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Data Management Features

360° Integration of
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Contact Management

How can you manage all your contact details, segment attributes and behavioural patterns at a glance? Segmentation is powerful and what drives Marketing Automation. With the integrated contact management, you can organize contacts, create segments and trigger Automations based on your contact segments.

Automation Monkey allows you to manage contacts manually, add users and to segment opt-in audiences smartly. The user-friendly UI helps you to make full use of your data potentials. The great usability makes it easy for Marketers and Sales stafff to add, update and use lead data.

Batch actions is a feature that allows you to change or add data attributes in a serialized manner so you can update easily tousands of contacts. The software also features standardly an upload function to import new data sets and to prevent duplicate contacts. Another 2 standard features are email verification and bounce management. Both features help you prevent your emails from ending up in SPAM folders or your Sender Reputation to deteriorate unnecessarily.

Our REST-API can be connected to your current software landscape to make use of existing data sets in your Automation engine.

Digital Tracking

Digital Tracking

How do you track users along their Customer Journey? Automation Monkey features an intelligent tracking feature that can easily be implemented across your digital channels and touchpoints.

Smart tracking integration in combination with Automation Monkeys' data management allows you to personalize, customize and automate Customer Journeys uniquely. From tracking likes and shares on Social Media to clicks on your blog articles: With this Automation engine you will build strategic customer insights and improve your customer experience sustainably.

Our tracking pixel helps you to monitor users, starting from their very first website visit to the succesful sales conversion. Along their customer journey those insights are used to drive conversions and improve target group dialogue.

What else can be traced with Automation Monkey? To optimize your touchpoints and UX you will benefit also from the in-built device and location tracker that allows you to optimize web, email and other Automation Touchpoints to the most commonly used languages, devices and regions.

Optionally you can pick our IP-to-Company module that allows you to track B2B visitors on your website based on their IP. As a result you can directly contact prospects through e.g. Telemarketing campaigns or other Outbound activities.

Lead Nurturing & Scoring

Lead Nurturing & Scoring

How can you cut acquisition costs and improve your sales recruitment process? Automation Monkey helps you build your business-specific Marketing Funnel in order to nurture leads into the next best action. Actively leading users into the next stage of the Funnel requires you to have a smart lead scoring and nurturing system.

Automation Monkeys' lead nurturing module pursues the goal to effectively lead users into the next funnel stage based on conversion rates and scores. A number of standard Automations gets you going fast and helps you to achieve a fast return on Marketing investment.

All user interactions can be scored with a point system: The higher the score, the more likely the user will move into the next funnel stage. In combination with tags this information can be used to trigger specific, personalized Automations and to optimize conversions. Lead scoring also helps you to combine Inbound and Outbound Marketing. For instance you can feed leads into your Sales funnel to start-off specific sales actions such as recruitment calls.

Start lead scoring and nurturing now to get rid of inefficient and costly oldschool sales procedures and to fill your sales engine with fresh Inbound leads!

Lead Database

B2B Lead Database

Finding the right balance between Inbound and Outbound Marketing activities is key in B2B Marketing. Many B2B industries are still very sales-driven. Our B2B lead database allows Swiss clients to enjoy a large national database of companies that can be used to start-off Outbound campaigns via Automation Monkey.

We offer more than 600'000 company records with a large spectrum of attributes. Thus, you can segment, pick and nurture Outbound leads into your Inbound funnel and vice versa. The selected leads can be imported via API interface and outbound campaigns can be triggered via standard Automations.

Automation Monkeys' database option brings more intelligence and insights into your B2B Automation & Sales engine. Campaigns can be released through standardly integrated callcenter and print partners, that pre-qualify "cold leads" and feed them into your Automation software if they are interested in your products and services.

The B2B database also offers the possibility to update your existing data and to enrich profiles in real time to gain more customer insights.

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