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Focus Areas

  • Digital Products
  • Online Donation Solutions
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM & Data Warehousing
  • E-Commerce


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Tech & Capabilities

Tailor-Made Solutions

Finding the best-suited technologies and solutions for your organization is our 1st priority. We do not license or sell software. Thanks to an inhouse team of Marketeers and Software Developers, we are capable of selecting and introducing the most competitive software solution for you.

Web Development


The majority of our digital products are developed with the Python framework Django. Customers benefit from an excellent CMS usability, a great modularity and high page performance.


Javascript framework which we use for frontend development and also for building single page applications in combination with Django backends.


To support customers with smaller websites, we also offer WordPress expertise in our team. We use this framework exclusively in the support of existing web applications and not for building new digital products.


Javascript framework that we primarily use in the development of single-page applications.


PHP-based framework on which our software platform Automation Monkey was built upon. We use Symphony primarily in our internal development.

Marketing Automation

Automation Monkey

In-house Marketing Automation Software for sophisticated use cases and customers aiming at intelligent Omni-Channel Automations.


On the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we support a wide range of customers in their daily business and in further developing the platform. Please note: We do not sell Salesforce licenses and thus maintain independence in finding the right solutions for your problems.

Active Campaign

We use Active Campaign for customers who want a cost-effective and easy-to-use Marketing Automation solution.


Newsletter marketing solution with the possibility to build simple Automation Journeys. We support some clients on MailChimp and offer vast experience with the tool. Nevertheless, we do not actively recommend this solution to new customers.



Cost-effective and user-friendly CRM software which we primarily use in the SME environment. We implement, integrate and automate this solution for customers who want to professionalize their sales process.


The Salesforce CRM platform is used by some of our larger customers which we support in further developing their CRM operations. Please note: We do not sell Salesforce licenses and thus maintain independence in finding the right solutions for your problems.



We build integrations and interfaces by means of REST-APIs. All interfaces are professionally implemented, documented and handed over to clients upon request.


Database selections for ad hoc analysis, mailing selections for Non-Profits and other use cases are being done by means of MySQL queries by our Data Scientists.


Professional cloud infrastructure for hosting, backups and other applications. Our Django products are primarily hosted on Exoscale.

Google Cloud

We run larger applications in the Google Cloud in combination with the Kubernetes platform. We'll be glad to advise you on the best solution for your specific case (costs, performance and security).


Google Analytics

Alle unsere digitalen Produkte werden standardmässig mit Google Analytics, Tag Manager und der Search Console ausgerüstet. Wahlweise bieten wir Advanced E-Commerce Tracking und Performance Marketing Services an.

Google Datastudio

Management Dashboards und Attributionen im Digital Marketing entwickeln wir oftmals für Kunden auf der Google Datastudio Plattform. Hierzu erheben wir die analytischen Bedürfnisse, integrieren die notwendigen Konnektoren und führen das Tool ein.

Online Donation Platform


Our daughter company - Soulclick is an SaaS solution allowing Non-Profits to build their own donation platform without any coding-skills.


The Problems we solve

We develop scalable, professional digital solutions – Seamlessly integrated, automated and marketed

Crowdfunding SOS Kinderdorf Schweiz Crowdfunding SOS Kinderdorf Schweiz

Use Case

Crowdfunding Platform

For their 2021 autumn campaign, we were requested by SOS-Children Villages Switzerland, to take the overall Digital Campaign Lead. The goal was to raise awareness on child neglect in their five focus countries.

"From the 1st briefing to the final approval with the board of directors, it took only 8 weeks. We're..."

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