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Track, steer and optimize your Performance Marketing, Digital Campaigns and Omni-Channel Automations with Automation Monkeys analytics module. We're giving you the real-time insights you always wished for!

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Marketing Analytics

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Analytics Features

The right insights to fuel your success!

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Analyzing your web performance is not rocket science. However, getting the right insights and identifying the right measures can be challenging.

Merging website data with behavioral patterns from your other digital touchpoints can be quite insightful and is often times the solution to your problem. Thanks to our modular analytics solutions you can create custom dashboards giving you the insights needed to take the right measures.

You can analyze traffic levels, clicks, conversions and many other key performance indicators across campaigns, standard automations or social activities.

Automation Monkey standardly integrates Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console and many more. With a few clicks those technologies can be added to your account.

Email & Social

Email & Social Tracking

Email Marketing can be a powerful instrument and still plays a key role in many organizations digital marketing mixture. Marketing Automation helps you to play out emails more intelligently. Obviously the same applies to email analytics: That's why we feature a number of tracking and optimization features to improve your email and social media performance.

You can track and optimize open rates, clicks and bounces for each segment individually. On top of that, the software contains an intelligent A/B testing feature to run empiric tests with minimal manual efforts.

Social monitoring is another gimmick that allows you to track user behavior across social platforms. No matter if likes, shares or views on Facebook or LinkedIn, Automation Monkey brings those insights into your Marketing Analytics so you can make use of them.

Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling

Would you like to merge data from your current touchpoints with behavioral data from your digital ecosystem? Well with customer profiling we help you enrich data with multiple sources to gain more insights into demographics, geographics and psychographics of users.

We then combine those insights with behavioral data such as scores and tags to help you focus your Marketing activities on the hottest deals.

However, also in B2B Marketing customer profiling helps you to enrich corporate profiles with industry codes, company size and many more attributes to better segment your prospects and prioritize your activities.


Fingerprint Tracking

The most basic tracking algorithms are based on IP tracking technologies. Fingerprint is a new feature of Automation Monkey that takes this approach to the next level. Fingerprint helps you to track your audience more intelligently and reliably.

Fingerprint merges a number of tracking parameters and metrics to identify leads based on their geographics, used devices, browsers and IP address.

A broad spectrum of tracking attributes within "Fingerprint", ensures that leads are identified correctly and led to the right Automation Journeys.

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